Releasing our Rosters

Wed 16th Sep 2015 - 5:27pm

We have decided to take a different direction in the way we are trying to implant ourselves in the eSports scene and solidfy ourselves as a household name in the eSports community. We have decided to part ways with ALL of our rosters except the BSGG.CSGO Roster (Ironman, Deka, Syn, Colt, StealthyMike). We want to house only top talent eSports teams under BSGG and we felt that this was a much needed change to ensure our long-term growth and prosperity. We will have be venturing back into other eSports scenes soon but we wish to do this slowly and correctly rather than hopping into a variety of different eSports scenes at once, unprofessionally. This has been a hard decision and the hardest part of being the owner of an eSports organization is making these tough decisions and then being the bearer of the bad news.

You can expect a couple of different announcements from us soon regarding which eSports we will be housing teams in. The BSGG Family and I appreciate all the support from our loyal fan-base.



Alex Gonzalez

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