• David

    David Mullican is the current owner and CEO of BitterSweetGG and brings with him a lot of experience in managing esports organizations and building brands. After his successful venture with bringing Vanquish back to life and helping Onslaught find its new place as a top organization with pro teams in Smite and Gears of War he has decided to bring that experience and work ethic to BitterSweetGG....Read More

  • JohnJ

    Having been with BitterSweetGG since the very beginning, John has been instrumental to the team's growth. With experience owning and running businesses as well as in the financial sector he brings this wealth of knowledge to assist the CEO and keep BitterSweetGG the amazing team it is. His love of games started at age 8 with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Completing the obstacle course on the first mission kept him engaged trying harder and harder to get better times. His passion for first person shooters continues today while he also enjoys games like Smite....Read More

  • BriBri

    Meet the beautiful Bri: BitterSweetGG's General Manager! With over 3 years of managing experience covering the scope of musicians, rappers, businesses, and eSports teams she brings her wealth of experience to the table to help guide BitterSweetGG. Her life as a gamer started at the tender age of three playing on the Nintendo with her brother and moved into Call of Duty. Her father having died from cancer had always told her to pursue her dreams and she drives forward with a hopes of doing charity streams for cancer research....Read More